CHICKEN SATAY (KAI SAH-TAY) Chicken breast tips barbecued on bamboo skewer. Served with peanut sauce. 5 skewers for 6.95

CRAB RANGOON Cream cheese, green onions, and imitation crab. for 4.95

CRISPY TOFU (TAO-HU TORD) Served with honey-chili peanut sauce. 5.95

FRESH TOFU DELIGHT (YUM TAO-HU) Cucumber, cilantro, red & green onion,  served with peanut dressing on fresh tofu. 5.95

PORK AND VEGETABLE DUMPLINGSCabbage, onion, soy sauce, and pork. Fried in a crispy shell.7 for 5.95.=

THAI SPRING ROLLS (POR-PIA TORD) Crispy rolls, filled with vegetables, herbs, and spices. Served with honey-chili sauce. 5 for 4.95

CHICKEN ON A STICK Deep-fried battered chicken breast skewered and served with a side of house special tangy sauce. 4 for 5.95

VEGETABLE BALLS Minced vegetables in special batter. 5 for 4.95

TEMPURA Shrimp coated and fried in tempura batter. Served with plum  sauce. 5 for 6.95

APPETIZER COMBO Sampler plate with 2 vegetable balls, 2 spring rolls, 2 crab rangoon, and 4 pieces of pork & vegetable dumplings. 7.95


Served in a Volcano Pot or Individual cup for 4.00, shrimp is 4.50

CHICKEN COCONUT SOUP Hot and sour soup with coconut milk, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, tomato, green onions, and fresh sliced mushrooms. 12.95

FISHERMAN’S SOUP (PO-TEAK) Combination of shrimp, mussels, calamari, mushrooms, and scallops in hot and sour soup with lime juice and fresh basil.Not served in a cup. 12.95.

THAI HOT AND SOUR SOUP (TOM YUM)Chicken breast slices with mushrooms, lemon grass, light chili paste, lime leaves, tomato, green onion, and lemon juice.  11.95

TOFU SOUP (GAENG JUED TOFU) Tofu, ground chicken, green onions, peas, carrots, and silver noodles in a clear soup. 10.95


  • Vegetarian / Tofu 9.95
  • Chicken 9.95 / Beef 11.95 / Shrimp 13.95
  • Seafood (Calamari, scallop, shrimp, mussel) 14.95
  • Fish 14.95

PAD THAI (most popular dish) Stir-fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, egg, green onions, and a Thai sauce topped with ground peanuts.

BROCCOLI NOODLE (PAD SEE LEW) Flat rice noodles with mild black soy sauce, broccoli, and egg

SOUTHERN NOODLES Stir-fried noodles with bean sprouts, green onions, potato, and yellow curry sauce

SPICY NOODLES (DRUNK NOODLE) Stir fried flat noodles with bean sprouts, tomato, and basil.

THAI NOODLE SOUP (GUEY TIEW) Chicken broth with rice noodles, green onions, cilantro, crispy minced garlic, black pepper, and choice of meat. Served with bean sprouts, basil, and lime.

THAI RAMEN Tom Yum flavored soup served with Chinese broccoli, your choice of meat, and a hard-boiled egg. Served in a single bowl.

Fried Rice

  • Vegetarian / Tofu 9.95
  • Chicken 9.95 / Beef 11.95 / Shrimp 13.95
  • Seafood (Calamari, scallop, shrimp, mussel) 14.95
  • Fish 14.95

ESARN FRIED RICE Fried rice with onions, tomato, peas, carrots, egg, and special Thai Esarn sauce.

FRESH BASIL FRIED RICE Fried rice with onions, tomato, bell peppers, and basil.

THAI FRIED RICE Thai fried rice with onions, tomato, peas, carrots, and eggs.

VEGETABLE CURRY FRIED RICE Yellow curry stir-fried with potato, peas, carrots, onions, tomato, broccoli, and coconut milk. Added cost for tofu/meat.


Served with jasmine rice
  • Vegetarian / Tofu 10.95
  • Chicken 10.95 / Beef 11.95 / Shrimp 13.95
  • Seafood (Calamari, scallop, shrimp, mussel) 14.95
  • Fish 14.95

BANGKOK CURRY Red curry paste, bamboo shoots, onions, bell peppers, coconut milk, touch of garlic, and fresh basil.

COMBINATION VEGGIE CURRY Mixed fresh vegetables cooked in red curry paste, coconut milk, and fresh basil. Added  cost for tofu/meat.

GREEN CURRYS spicy green curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers and fresh basil.

SOUTHERN CURRY Onions, garlic, potato, bell peppers, yellow curry and coconut milk.

YELLOW CURRY yellow curry paste, onions, potato, and coconut milk


  • Vegetarian / Tofu 10.95
  • Chicken 10.95 / Beef 11.95 / Shrimp 13.95
  • Seafood (Calamari, scallop, shrimp, mussel) 14.95
  • Fish 14.95

BASIL (KAPROW-KAI) Garlic, bell peppers, onions, bamboo shoots, and fresh basil

GINGER (KING-KUNG) Fresh ginger, onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms

LEMONGRASS (KAI-TAKAI) fresh lemongrass, carrots, baby corn, onions, bell peppers, garlic, and sweet chili paste.

PEPPER (KAI PAD-PRIK) Onions, bell peppers, carrots, and garlic

STIR FRIED CLEAR NOODLE Clear noodles, egg, baby corn, carrots, onions, bell peppers, broccoli, and green onions.

THAI STYLE SWEET & SOUR Breaded chicken, pineapple, cucumber, onions, bell peppers and tomatoes.

VEGETARIAN’S DELIGHT (PAD PAK TOFU) Fresh mixed vegetables with tofu in a special Thai sauce

Thai Esarn Specials

CASHEW CHICKEN Cashew nuts, carrots, baby corn onions, bell peppers, and sweet chili paste. 12.95

CRISPY CHICKEN Fried chicken breast sautéed in plum sauce, broccoli, and carrots. Served with jasmine rice. 11.95

GARLIC CHICKEN Stir fried sliced chicken breast with chef’s garlic sauce. Served with mixed vegetables and jasmine rice. 13.95

GINGER FISH (PLA PAD-KING) Deep fried whitefish sautéed with ginger, onions, mushrooms, ­­­a  bell peppers. Served with jasmine rice. 14.95

GRILLED PORK Marinated pork in Esarn sauce, served with sticky rice 11.95

SHRIMP WITH GARLIC Shrimp sautéed with chef’s garlic sauce. Served with mixed vegetables and steamed jasmine rice. 16.95

PINEAPPLE CURRY Special curry paste, pineapple, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, fresh basil, and coconut milk. 12.95

PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE Peas, carrots, and fresh-diced pineapple topped with cashew nuts. Served with chicken and shrimp. 12.95

POPEYE (PARARM RONG SONG) Steamed fresh Chinese broccoli in a peanut sauce and coconut milk. 12.95

SEAFOOD COMBO CURRY (PAD TA-LAE) Scallops, shrimp, calamari, mussels in red chili paste, carrots, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, and coconut milk. Served with steamed jasmine rice. 16.95

THAI EGG PLANT (MAKEW-PAD) Fresh eggplant cooked with bamboo shoots, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms, red & green bell peppers, touch of garlic, fresh basil, red curry paste, and coconut milk. 12.95

THAI STYLE WHITEFISH IN CURRY SAUCE Deep fried whitefish with red curry sauce, basil, red & green bell peppers, onions, carrots, and bamboo shoots. Served with steamed jasmine rice. 14.5